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Welcoming a baby into any family is a very special time. Helen conducts a ceremony to name a baby with honour as the new parents formally introduce their bundle of joy to family and friends.

When a new baby enters the world, those closest to you are so important. You may wish to ask individuals to have a special bond with your baby. Choosing ‘Guideparents’ to make a special vow of commitment to support the upbringing of your baby is a superb way to do this.

Siblings can feel left out on the day and so you might like to have a special part in the ceremony for them too.

Music, poems and readings can be included together with symbolic additions to the ceremony. The choice is yours and Helen will discuss each part of the ceremony in depth with you to ensure that the day is created just as you wish.

Helen will provide a script for you to agree beforehand. She will be at the venue in plenty of time for a rehearsal beforehand or can arrange for this to happen in the days leading to the event if you would prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a baby naming ceremony?

Many couples no longer wish to have a religious ceremony. A baby naming is a lovely way of formally introducing your baby to your family and friends and confirming their name in a special way.

Can we have ‘godparents’?

You may wish to call your babies special adults ‘guide parents’ or a ‘sponsor’ or ‘guardian’, the choice is yours but it is special to have them included in the ceremony.

When should I have my baby naming ceremony?

The choice is yours, their is no fixed timescale.

Can siblings be involved in the day?

Brothers and sisters need to feel special too at the naming ceremony. We can add a special enhancement or two and get them involved.

Can you conduct adoption ceremonies?

Adopting a child is very special and a ceremony is a lovely way to bring them into the family and recognise their change of name too.

Do you provide any other types of naming ceremonies?

Individuals change their name for many reasons including reassignment of gender, to adopt a step parents name or divorce. I would be honoured to perform a ceremony for this purpose.

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